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Huobi Talk with Elastos Chair, Rong Chen on blockchain and Elastos

Recently, on 2 July, Huobi Talk interviewed Mr Rong Chen, Elastos Chair. On this occasion, he shared his view on both Blockchain industry and Elastos. Link youtube here.

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Overview of Elastos

The project was launched in 2000 by Rong Chen, an expert from Microsoft Corp, (a former graduate student from Tsinghua University in computer science). He returned China and developed the first generation Elastos network operating system. Currently Elastos has offices in Beijing and Shanghai (China), registered in Singapore.

Elastos aims to create a completely new Internet, built on the foundation and supported by blockchain technology. With this Internet model, everyone is able to own and get rich from digital assets.

Today, the supply of books, feature films, music and digital games seems endless. Elastos wants to turn digital assets into tangible, identifiable, and transactional. Property ownership will pave the way for prosperity and Elasto intends to create a World Wide Web that respects those rights. The goal here is to create an Internet where users can access articles, movies and games directly, without the need for a player or other middleware platform.

Elastos will use blockchain technology to create IDs for digital content, helping people know the owner of any digital asset. On Elastos Internet, filmmakers can see the number of views of their films. The combination of Elastos and blockchain technology will lay the foundations for a safe and reliable “Internet of Wealth.” Elastos will be the foundation for Dapps applications running on a peer-to-peer network without any centralized control. People can access these dapps via their mobile phone without having to change the operating system. The current Internet is a kind of information network. When you click a URL, you receive the information. Elastos is creating an application network. When you click a URL, you receive the code. The Elastos network will be a special economic zone where Elastos tokens will be the base currency.

Elastos’ goal is to reach 40,000 users by the end of this year.

The Elastos development team is well over 50 people and is specialized from engineering, finance, “evangelism” to community development, etc.

Elastos is currently planning this year:

August 2018: The open source of mobile web applications will be published, contributing to the application ecosystem of Elastos.

December 2018: The Elastos chain and Elastos ID chaining by external nodes will be open and accessible.

Characteristics of elastos

Elastos Smart Web includes 4 main parts:

  • Elastos Blockchain: Elastos wants to build a distributed Smart Network, in which every device, instance, site, and digital asset has a trusted ID due to blockchain technology establishing trust on the Internet.
  • Elastos Runtime: Elastos Runtime is a Lightweight operating system run on mobile devices or PCs that prevents applications from directly accessing the Internet.
  • Elastos Carrier: Completely decentralized peer-to-peer platform that conveys information for applications by taking over all network traffic between virtual machines.
  • Elastos Software Development Kit (SDK): Used to access IDs and Elastos Carrier service on the Smart Web.

Why is Elastos outstanding?

  • The Elastos publicity chain is both clean and simple and is hidden from third-party applications and services.
  • Elastos prevents overloading of the main chain by introducing several side chain, built into the Elastos Carrier platform.
  • Elastos appreciates digital content ownership. Elastos has the ability to issue token cards for digital assets or applications and establish digital content ownership through smart contracts.
  • Elastos Runtime runs on the client’s mobile device operating system. Apps are freely run and their performance is comparable to existing mobile apps. Elastos support for traditional programming languages, which makes coding relatively easy. Elastos also supports popular programming frameworks.
  • The separation of applications from the network ensures that digital content will not leak.
  • Even if the Elastos applications are running on operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows, the local operating system will not be able to sabotage digital asset ownership. The value of the digital asset is kept intact.
  • For applications beyond Elastos such as Android or iOS applications, users can access Elastos Smart Web via the Elastos SDK. Users can log into non-Elastos applications with their Elastos Smart Web ID. Users can also keep non-Elastos application-in-Elastos data in their Elastos cloud storage.
  • Both Elastos and Elastos Dapps are running on the Elastos Smart Web. This creates a closed platform and avoids getting in and out of the blockchain. This closed platform creates a “special economic zone” where users can feel secure while dealing in digital assets. This allows production cycles, trading and consumption to be needed to bring prosperity.

For the above reason, many specialists on Blockchain believe Elastos has potential power in the coming years. At present, ELA’s price is 24,65$, and the total capital nearly 130 million dollars, which account for only one-sixth of total supply.

As an investor, you should really pay attention to this ELA which is much likely to make difference in the digital industry. I believe that the core team are working on. They have the view that with the development of Internet of thing, as well as the demand for sharing everything online, Elastos will come in handy. Needless to say, to a business mind, ELA is absolutely a amazing choice when it gets its solution for users, leading to the rising price.

And now, there is a chance for you to gain ELA.

Contest on Huobi Pro and Rong Chen interview

You will have the opportunity to receive up to 215.25 ELA prizes worth over $ 4,460 *!

The contest runs until Monday, July 9, 3 pm (GMT + 8), which require watching and sharing the interview of Huobi and the Elastos Foundation representative.

What an easy way – you just follow these 3 steps to get involved:

Step 1: Subcribe Huobi Pro on Youtube

Step 2: Just share the interview feature by clicking on the “share” button on YouTube on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, along with your reflection, thoughts and summary on the feature. Remember the #HuobiTalk hashtag so they can track who the top 3 contributors are from each platform!

Step 3: Enter your specific information in the google form – https://goo.gl/forms/zoY36kQ9IMavMFeE2


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